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What a Dental Bridge Can Do for Your Smile

Would you like to fill a gap in your smile? A dental bridge may be just what you need to improve your appearance and your biting and chewing ability. Dr. Clark Wright offers crowns and bridges at his Venice, FL, dental office.

Bridges span the gap between your teeth

Bridges fill in the missing spaces in your mouth with artificial teeth and are often used to replace one or two missing teeth in a row. A bridge consists of artificial teeth connected to crowns at each end. Crowns are hollow restorations that slip over the visible parts of your teeth. The crown portion of your bridge will be cemented to the teeth on either side of the gap in your mouth to hold your restoration firmly in place.

Before you receive a bridge, you'll make the trip to the dental office in Venice, FL, for an impression of your mouth and also receive a temporary bridge. In about two weeks, you'll exchange your temporary bridge for a permanent one.

How bridges enhance your smile

Bridges offer several important smile benefits, including:

  • A Full Smile: Bridges close the gaps in your teeth, improving your appearance and your self-confidence. They're made of materials that look just like natural tooth enamel, including porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal, ceramic, and resin.
  • A Better Bite: Missing teeth can change your bite, which is the way your upper and lower teeth fit together. Bridges ensure that your bite doesn't change after tooth loss.
  • Improved Chewing Ability: Even one missing tooth can affect your ability to eat foods easily. Depending on the location of the tooth, you may find it hard to bite, tear, grind, or chew food. Thanks to your new bridge, you'll be able to eat your favorite foods once again.
  • No Change in Tooth Alignment: Your other teeth may begin to shift and drift after you lose a tooth. As the teeth begin to move, your bite might be affected, and your appearance may even change if the teeth begin to overlap. Fortunately, your bridge will prevent any changes to the alignment of your teeth.

Keep your smile whole and healthy with dental crowns and bridges! Call your dentist in Venice, FL, Dr. Wright, at (941) 493-5923 to schedule your appointment.

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