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Replacing a Broken Bridge or Crown

As you eat, you put a lot of pressure on your teeth, gums, bone structure, and any dental prosthetics. If you have a damaged crown or bridge, attend to it right away. At Dr. Clark Wright's office in Venice, FL, we create, maintain, repair, and replace dental crowns and bridges. Let us restore your smile.

Bridges and crowns

They are some of the most reliable and often-used dental prosthetics. Crowns cover, beautify, and support decayed, cracked, infected, or otherwise compromised teeth anywhere in the mouth. Made of high-grade porcelain, they are great alternatives to tooth loss, and they last for 10 years or even more, says the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD).

Like crowns, bridgework has restored smile gaps for generations. Teeth and porcelain crowns provide anchorage to natural teeth, bridges also last for a decade or more. Just provide careful treatment and good oral hygiene.

If you're like most of Dr. Wright's patients, you may damage a crown or bridge through an accident, chomping on hard foods, or experiencing decay around crown margins. At the first signs of deterioration, seek the help of your dentist in his Venice, FL, office. He may be able to repair your dental crown or bridge at a lower cost than replacement.

Potential problems and how we can help


With aggressive chewing, a blow to the mouth, or simple wear and tear, your crown or bridge may develop cracks, chips, stains, or other flaws. Dr. Wright can see these problems during a routine oral exam or X-ray, or you may see or feel them yourself as you brush, floss, look in the mirror, or eat.

Composite resin, a putty composed of glass and acrylic, may repair these defects. Dr. Wright applies and sculpts it to blend in with the rest of the restoration and uses a special curing light to harden it to a durable, bright finish. However, sometimes, the damage is too severe, and he must replace the crown or even the entire bridge.


Dental sensitivity in a tooth that has a crown often indicates decay. Oral bacteria can invade crown margins and infiltrate the tooth enamel under the cap. Your dentist must remove the cap, place a filling, and bond the same--or new-- crown in place.


Step up your oral hygiene at home. Brush twice a day and floss carefully around each tooth, especially those with crowns or bridges attached. An in-office cleaning helps resolve mild gum disease, too.

Return your smile to normal

At Dr. Clark Wright's dental office in Venice, FL, we take special care of restored smiles, particularly those with dental crowns and bridgework. If you suspect a problem or need your routine cleaning and exam, please contact us for a convenient appointment: (941) 493-5923.

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