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What Are Dental Crowns and Bridges?

It's no wonder that crowns and bridges are two of the most requested treatments at dentist offices across the country. They are designed restorative dentistryto fix two very common dental issues—missing and damaged teeth. If these problems apply to you, go see Dr. Clark Wright at his dentist office in Venice, FL, very soon to ask how dental crowns or bridges can benefit your smile.

“Capping” Your Smile with Crowns
It's no fun eating and talking when you have a weak, decaying or damaged tooth. Dental crowns can repair all of those troublesome issues. A crown is made with a tough outer exterior (usually porcelain or metal) that protects the inner parts of your tooth. Your dentist will remove the damaged enamel and replace it with the crown. It is bonded very securely so that you don’t have to worry about it for five to 10 years (or more).

Bridging the Gap with Dental Bridges
Some patients have gaps in their smiles due to one or two missing teeth. In this case, your Venice dentist can bridge the gap with dental bridges. Bridges are made of two dental crowns and one or two false teeth positioned at the center. The false teeth cover the gums superficially and are anchored in place by the crowns. With a bridge, you no longer have to smile self-consciously and struggle with food getting stuck between your teeth.

What to Expect from Both Procedures
Though these two common dental procedures have different purposes, they are similar and will likely take about the same amount of time for your dentist to complete. At the first appointment, your dentist has to make adjustments to the tooth enamel and take impressions so that your crown or bridge can be made with a good fit.

Get Dental Crowns and Bridges This Year
Let this be the year that you restore, strengthen, and renew your smile with dental crowns and bridges. Call Dr. Wright today at (941) 493-5923 to schedule an appointment at his office in Venice, FL.

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